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Harry teases William over news of second royal baby

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Prince Harry has reacted to the news of his sister-in-law Kate’s pregnancy by joking: “I can’t wait to see my brother suffer more, and with any luck, if it’s a girl, then he’ll suffer even greater”.

Prince William accepts flowers on behalf of pregnant Kate

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Prince William has accepted a bunch of flowers on behalf of his wife Kate, who is suffering from morning sickness, saying: “She needs them right now, they’ll make her feel better.”.

Prince Harry gets hug from young fan

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Prince Harry was hugged by four-year-old Carson Hartley as he met seriously ill children and their families at the 10th annual WellChild Awards in London.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launch Tour de France in Yorkshire

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Anmer Hall to be the Duke and the Duchess’s new Home

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william kate anmer hall

The latest rumors’ surrounding our favorite Royal couple does not involve The Duchess of Cambridge to be pregnant with twins but it is said that soon the Duke and the Duchess are going to move out of Kensington Palace to country side. It is reported that Kate is planning to move her small royal family about 100 miles away from the “Watchful Eye of the Queen”.

It is hard to believe that Kate wants to move away from the “Watchful Eyes of the Queen” because it is not like that they live on top of one another. The never ending rumors often put Kate and the Queen at odds but sources say they get along just fine. And also The Queen is extremely busy with her Royal duties to play a doting great grandmother full time. The reason can be Kate’s wish to live at a quiet place with her family which also includes homeschooling for Prince George and his better upbringing.


Anmer hall was built in 1802, and became a part of the Sandrigham estate in 1898. “It’s like a fancy farmhouse. It isn’t grandiose. But it’s a great, friendly family environment” a source told. It is the same place where Prince William celebrated his 32nd birthday on 21st June which is coincidentally his parents-in-laws, Michael and Carole Middleton’s wedding anniversary. Along with his wife and son, Michael and Carole were also invited. Will wanted to show them Anmer Hall said a source. They had a barbeque where Mike helped Will while the ladies entertained George. Anmer Hall was presented to Prince William on his 30th birthday by the Queen is located in the Norfolk village at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandrigham estate.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton after the Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand with Prince William and Prince George has kept a pretty low profile. She is rumored to have her sights set on Anmer Palace as the place where she wants to raise a family with Prince William. Her parenting ideas would best fit in at Anmer Hall. She can with peace live there with the Duke and Prince George and her future children.

This very well may be another rumor circling the drain, but there is always that possibility with Kate and William planning to grow their family that Kate has her heart set. There’s no doubt that the duchess in well in the process of making Anmer Hall a beautiful home for her family. She has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their new 10-bedroom country home, Anmer Hall. She has even been spotted at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour and has ordered stunning jade and teal striped material from Mulberry Home. It seems as if Kate has not made her mind yet whether to in the Kensington Palace which is a 21-room apartment or to leave the spacious apartment for a more family friendly setting outside of LondonThe royal couple is said to have spent over $6.6 million to renovate Kensington Palace. It looks as if the royals will never be hard-pressed to find a place to live.

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas broke up in April

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Any Guesses as to Who Remain Friends their Post Breakup? Yes, You Are Right to Think of Prince Harry and his Ex…


Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas broke up in April 2014 after being in a relationship for last 2 years. Harry and Miss Bonas, who were introduce by Princess Eugenie in summer 2012, have been more willing to appear in public together in recent months after a coy start to their relationship. The couple attended an official engagement together for the first time where Harry was the star speaker in a charity event at Wembley Arena after a month of which the rumors of their breakup started. The news of their break-up was confirmed by their close friends. They said that they had an amicable breakup, i.e., they ended their relationship in good terms and are now ‘best of friends’. To which a friend added ‘Unfortunately it is true, they have split up. But this suggestion that the prince supposedly “dumped” Cressida because she was “too needy” is so wide of the mark. They have just decided to go their separate ways.’


There were some rumors that the couple broke-up because Cressida was relying too much on the Prince to which a friend was furious as Cressida is one of the most independent people he knows. It was heard that Cressida was keen to ‘focus on her career.’ She completed a year-long contemporary dance course at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in Greenwich, South London last year and is currently working for a marketing company in Soho while deciding what to do next.


A close source to Cressida said that Cressie and Prince are at different stages of their life as she is only 25 and pretty young for her age at that Prince Harry will be 30 this year. Harry is very fond of Cressida and understands that before she considers settling down she wants to do something with her life ‘Also it wouldn’t be a slightest surprise if they got back together in a few months time.’ The couples two-year relationship is said to have become strained in recent weeks when recently they had embraced in front of cameras, prompting speculation they might be about to get engaged. It was claimed by one reporter that the couple had simply ‘paused for a breather’, raising the possibility that they could get back together.

There was a difference of opinion between The Daily Telegraph and The Press Association. According to the former, it was unwanted media attention and engagement speculation that led to the pair’s split, while the latter reported the couple decided to go their separate ways to allow Miss Bonas to focus on her career.

The news of split of Prince Harry and Cressida mirrored with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s famous break up for several months before their wedding in 2011. After their breakup in 2007 Kate managed to dazzle in sexy short dresses and it seems that the same road has been taken by Cressida so that Harry realizes that what he is missing. In Kate and William’s case, after a breakup of about nine weeks they were reunited on the other hand In Harry and Cressida’s case, it still remains to be seen.

Fathers Day Gift From Prince George

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Special Father’s Day gift given to The Duke by his adorable 10-month-old son


This Father’s Day turned out to be a very special one for our very own Royal father .i.e., William as little Prince George made a surprise appearance in Gloucestershire at a polo match this Sunday. Brought along by his mother the Duchess of Cambridge i.e., Kate Middleton, George cheered on dad Prince William – who was taking part in the Jerudong Trophy match at Cirencester Park Polo Club where he played against Prince Harry who was the captain of the opponent team. They were helping to raise money for a selection of their chosen charities. The duke left his heavily pregnant wife last year to play in this tournament which shows its importance.


Prince George who will turn 1 next month and is third to the line in the throne was dressed in another onesie overall suit, this time a red one with a white polo shirt and his tiny navy shoes. Kate was in mommy-mode when she brought her son to the match and was wearing her favourite striped navy blue and white shirt, a pair of jeans and white and beige flats. She kept her look low-profile during a polo match in Gloucestershire over the weekend with very little makeup and a pair of sunnies sitting on her head.


The world has followed the 10-months-old since his birth but now his footsteps seem to have taken all the attention. Much to his mother’s amusement Playful little prince showed off his crawling skills, making a dash across the grass and was also seen inquisitively picking up a polo stick.While Prince William and Prince Harry were competing little Prince George looked like an aspiring sportsman.A reassuring cuddle from the Duchess calmed the little prince down when at a point of time he temporarily lost his cool. He was also seen toddling around and was even seen gripped by the World Cup fever as kicking a small soccer ball on the sidelines of the charity polo match . The Duchess must be feeling a proud mom when little George was walking around clinging to her one hand.


During a break in play the youngster reached out for his father’s bottle of water, sipping from it while sitting comfortably in Kate’s arms. With his added and purposeful mobility the prince will keep the royal couple on their toes. Among so many royals present during the match Prince George stole the show.
He was clearly intrigued by the horses also, and was seen grabbing at his mother’s ankles, the future king looked like he was having fun on the family day out.


The royal father and son duo have proved their likeness. Just recently a food artist Michelle Wibowo gifted a giant chocolate portrait of the Royal pair from their Royal tour to Australia and New Zealand as a father’s day gift to the Duke. The Prince now looks strikingly like his father when he was a young boy and has full head of blonde hair. When it comes to getting around he is already beating the Duke.

Princess Diana – Trail blazing benevolence

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Princess Diana was someone who was and is even now known as the people’s princess, due to the way she managed to touch millions of lives in her very short life span. Even after her official separation from the Royal Family she was referred as Princess Di or Lady Di because she ruled hearts through actions and not earthly bestowals of titles.

Lady Diana is remembered for the innumerable charities which were supportcae25dc6da9cd6a2ba645c25e3d1db35ed by her. She is especially known for furthering cause of welfare work in the areas of land mines and AIDS. Princess Di was also engaged with tackling stigma attached with diseases like Leprosy. She helped dispel an age old belief that this disease can be passed on by touch by visiting hospitals and doing just that. She was engaged as a patron from 1990 till the time of her premature demise in 1997, as patron of the Leprosy Mission England and Wales. Her November, 1989 visit to Indonesia’s Sitanala hospital was against official advice. She visited countries like Zimbabwe, Nepal and India for the Leprosy Mission. The Diana Princess of Wales memorial fund, helped establish the Diana Princess of Wales Health Education and Media Centre, in India, at Noida.

Lady Diana was considered a rebel for associating herself with AIDS relief and awareness. She was amongst the first few of high profile celebs who took this cause up. The paradigm shift brought about by her by being pictured touching those afflicted with this deadly disease. Her famous thoughts, of such people not being dangerous to know and needing a hug (a sign of affection) more than others, had a wide impact. She showed the world that people who suffered from this, needed compassion, instead of isolation and persecution.

Lady Diana received much acclaim for her unrelenting support for the International campaign to ban landmines. The most publicised and noted impacts in this area were made by her January, 1997 visit to Angola. Here, she visited various hospitals for landmine survivors and de mining projects which were managed by the HALO Trust. The pictures showing the people’s princess, in a flak jacket and helmet, visiting minefields were for the world to see. Lady Diana played a significant role in the Ottawa treaty signing by impressing upon the U.K. government as well as other governments involved.

Princess Diana later reduced the number of charities she was associated from 100s to about six. They were:
– The English National Ballet
– The Leprosy Mission
The National Aids Trust
– The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust
Great Ormond Street Hospital for children
Centre point

She was a president of the children’s hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital. She was also president to the Royal Academy of Music and a patron of the Natural History Museum. For her charity work she was honoured with the International Leonardo Prize during a visit to Moscow. While, with centre point she helped the cause of homeless people, she also aided the removal of stigma from cancer through her patronage for The Royal Marsden NHS Trust, which is a hospital in London specialising in cancer treatment.

rince Harry meets goat called Shenkin at Zulu screening

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Queen rides new carriage made from Isaac Newton’s apple tree

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Kate and her fashion

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Kate Middleton is a simple girl at heart and like she is, her sartorial sense too, is effortless and chic. And she is probably the only Royal who has made repeating dresses as much fashionable and wearing them for the first time. She is married into the Royal family of England, which by virtue of being a royal family is always under the scanner of the paparazzi. And we must also remember that she the late Princess Diana’s daughter-in-law, the same Princess Diana, who was a fashion diva and an inspiration for women all over the world. Kate Middleton knows that every step she steps out, parallels will be drawn between her and her late mother-in-law and quite true, both in the public eye and in the eyes of the paparazzi, Kate Middleton is someone who has sort of stepped into Princess Diana’s shoes (read stilettos, and strappy sandals).

Kate Middleton has shown her liking for designers and fashion houses such as Jenny Packham, Alice Temperley and Alexander McQueen, as she has donned their outfits on previous occasions and not only dresses and gowns which have showcased her shapely figure, the Duchess is equally praised for her choice of footwear brands like Stuart Weitzman and LK Bennett. And it also goes without saying that just like any simple girl whose best friend is diamonds, the Duchess is also fond of her jewellery. But what strikes one in this case, is that Kate Middleton has also been spotted in borrowed jewels and like always, she has shined in her ethereal beauty thus complementing her looks. And while we are talking about her jewels, let us not forget that her engagement ring, which at one time belonged to her late mother-in-law, had caused just as much frenzy of excitement as it had in Diana’s day.

If we use the adjectives gorgeous and elegant and graceful to describe how Kate looks or one or most of her looks, we would not be doing any injustice, since she has become a brand ambassador of what effortless style does, and should look like. Though there are many components of fashion which are seen to be common in both Diana and Kate, the latter’s recent outing in a choker has forced the paparazzi and the media to bring out pictures from the archives, which show how similar the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law look, though sadly they never met.

When Kate became pregnant with Prince George, she stunned all with her fashion consciousness even with a baby bump. And when the pictures of her post child-birth figure were splashed all cross, one could see why she is being hailed as a fashion icon in her own right. Known to top most of the best dressed and most fashionable lists, Kate Middleton has been an inspiration for women of her generation. Be it her jewellery, her hats, her shoes, her dresses and/or her gowns, Kate always makes it a point that she wears them with a smile. And who can argue when we say that a smile is the best accessory?

Vacation like Will and Kate

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Vacation like Will and Kate (exotic destinations they’ve vacationed in, what they did, ate, where they stayed)

When it comes to the young couple Prince William and Princess Kate, they are serving as an example for people, not only in the category of their love and fashion, but also, in the way they vacation. And while most are dishing on their holidays in exotic locations, it is also true that Prince William, being second in line to the throne, and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are under the obligation to make state visits. And some of these state visits do turn into exotic vacations and even if they are on business, haven’t we all heard that all work and no play made Jack a dull boy? So, no use making William and Kate dull heads of state, when they can enjoy themselves!

Let us go back a few years, to see of all their travels have been only state visits or not and if there is a trend or pattern in the way they select their vacation spots and destinations. Much before Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, she was a Middleton, and as we now know, the Middletons are also fairly famous for their holidays, their staple family holiday being a beach holiday, which they inadvertently take around late January or early February. And when the month of March comes, it ushers the season of skiing for the Royal Family of England and from Prince Charles to Prince Harry, the Royal family has indicated on many occasions its love for the sport. The father and his sons believe in ushering in spring with skiing. And if you are still wondering where we are going next with the young couple – William and Kate, you should be aware that they have been known to let their hair down (Royal Family style) with exclusive vacations for two, ever since they tied the knot.

Starting with their honeymoon in the year 2011 in the Seychelles, the young couple pretty much showed their affinity for exotic destinations. Following their April wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton hopped on their first romantic-holiday-for-two and overseas trip as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 2012 saw the couple holidaying in yet another exotic location, Mustique, but this was a fairly crowded vacation, no offense, but it was a family holiday! But the couple and their love for some ‘our time’ saw them vacation in the Luberon in late summer of the same year, which was incidentally just before their tour to South East Asia.

In March 2013, while she was pregnant with Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince William, holidayed in Switzerland and apart from using the vacation as their ski break, the couple also attended a wedding there. Sounds like killing two birds with one stone to us! This year the couple has already been in the news for their vacation in the Maldives, which they took for a week, without their newborn son, Prince George. And this was just a little break they wanted to catch before their overseas tour for two which is in the wings.

A Day in the life of Her Highness Queen Elizabeth

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The Queen’s normal day includes being a part of various activities like receptions, ceremonies and visits abroad. Most of her days are under the public eye. However, there are other activities she involves into behind the cameras as well.


A day in the life of Queen Elizabeth starts normally with the reading of the daily news. This is followed by a review of her mail.before meeting her secretaries to go through official documents. In spite of the fact that she receives mail in hundreds each day, the instructions given out by Her Majesty to the staff in her Private Secretaries’ office ensures that all the mails are answered.

The famous ‘red boxes’ containing letters, Cabinet documents, policy papers and other State papers from government ministers, and from the Commonwealth and foreign countries are received now. All of these papers are closely scrutinized by her and approved and signed wherever necessary.

The Investiture Ceremonies for presenting honours and decorations, if it is scheduled, usually begins at 11.00 am and lasts about an hour. The Queen usually meets around 100 people at each Ceremony and presents Orders, decorations and medals.

Apart from this, the day has a number of usually private meetings of about 10 to 20 minutes duration during which the Queen meets important people like newly appointed British ambassadors, overseas ambassadors and high commissioners, English bishops and judges on their appointment and senior members of the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces on their appointment or retirement.

The Queen usually takes her lunch in private, except at those occasions where she is entertaining a group of guests informally with the Duke of Edinburgh. When the Queen is away from her desk in the mornings on visits, she generally covers about 3 venues pre lunch.


Post lunch, in the afternoon, the Queen usually attends Public Engagements that include royal visits to, hospitals, military units, factories, schools, art galleries, old age homes, hostels for the homeless and other British and Commonwealth organisations.

The Invitations are carefully selected by the Queen. She also prepares for these engagements by herself briefing herself on her general agenda of her visit in keeping with the hosts’ requirements.

She is accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh many times at these engagements, and visits that involve going out of her place of residence she uses a helicopter or an RAF aircraft or the Royal train.


In the evening, the Queen might meet the Prime Minister if he is in London, apart from her weekly Wednesday meetings with him at 6.30 pm.

At about 7.30 pm, a report of the day’s parliamentary proceedings, is received in written and the Queen attempts to go through it the same evening.

Other appointments during the Evening may find her attending a concert, a charity, a reception or a film premiere.

Other Interests

Her Majesty takes a keen interest in the Derby and the Summer Race Meeting at Ascot which is a Royal occasion. She owns private estates at Balmoral and Sandringham, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh manage the estates which run commercially.

Princes William and Harry Visit Memphis For Friend’s Wedding

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Soldier faints during Trooping the Colour parade

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Elton John and the Queen poke fun at Gary Barlow backstage at the Diamond Jubilee concert

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All about the Royal families

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Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, the silver medal winning equestrian champion and daughter of Royal Princess Anne was born on May 15, 1981, in Paddington. She closely resembles her grandmother Queen Elizabeth in looks but has no royal title to match that of her grandmother, as Princess Anne was adamant about not conferring any title on her two children Zara and Peter.

Zara was educated at the Scottish boarding school Gordonstoun. After completing her A Levels, Zara decided to drop a year and spent three months of it in Australia and New Zealand. In 2005 she won the individual European Eventing Championship title, at Blenheim Palace, and went on to bag the title of World Eventing Champion in 2006. Known to be the rebel royal in those days, Zara met former England rugby captain Mike Tindall in Sydney on 22nd Nov 2003, when England beat Australia and won the rugby World Cup. With her tempestuous relationship with Jockey Richard Johnson behind her, Zara entered into a steady relationship with Mike and after eight years married him in July 2011 at at Canongate Kirk on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in Scotland.

Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall celebrated the birth of their first baby daughter in February 2014 and named her Mia Grace Tindall who enjoyed her first public appearance at the Barbury point-to-point races in Wiltshire with her mother.

Princess Beatrice of York and Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Beatrice of York (Beatrice Elizabeth Mary)was born on 8 August 1988) to Prince Andrew and Sarah, The Duke and Duchess of York, two years before her sister Princess Eugenie of York (Eugenie Victoria Helena) who was born in London on 23 March 1990.

Both the sisters attended the independent Coworth Park School from 1995. Beatrice continued her education at the St. George’s School in Ascot 2000 to 2007. Beatrice was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, and was delayed for her IGCSE exams by one year.

In October 2002, Eugenie who was 12 then, underwent a back surgery in London to treat scoliosis. She had two titanium rods put in her back at that time and still has it there. She has recovered fully and no more corrective surgery is required.

The Duke and Duchess of York were divorced when Beatrice was eight and Eugenie was six years old. The divorce was amicable and the Duke and Duchess of York had agreed to joint custody of their daughters.

The two sisters made public appearance together to represent their father at the service of thanksgiving for their aunt, Diana Princess of Wales, in 2007.

Princess Beatrice accompanied her grandmother, the Queen, to the Royal Maundy services on 5 April 2012. She was the only member other than Duke of Edinburgh to appear in this event with the queen. As her first royal engagement, Princess Eugenie opened Teenage Cancer Trust’s unit for young cancer patients in Leeds in October 2008.

Beatrice is the first member in the Royal Family to appear in a minor, non-speaking role in a number of scenes in The Young Victoria (2009), a non-documentary film based on the life of Queen Victoria and also the first royal patron of the York Musical Society.

Camilla and Charles utterly devastated as Duchess’s brother Mark Shand 62 dies

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Camilla and Charles ‘utterly devastated’ as Duchess’s brother Mark Shand, 62, dies after slipping and smashing his head when he left £1million fundraiser in New York for his elephant charity

Kate Middleton Prince George and William arrive In Sydney

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Kate in beautiful green coat, William declares “Too Bright

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What do men know, eh???

Bravery in a husband is not to be sniffed at. It does take a brave man to inform his wife that her outfit is too “bright” This is exactly what William told Kate when she stepped out looking fabulous in a green Erdem coat with a cool zip running through the centre. The stunning £2,000 coat covered a Suzannah dress which was hidden from view.

William’s comment was revealed when a lady commented on Kate’s green coat and how lovely it was. Kate, who is naturally good-humoured stated that she loved it, but her husband had told her it was a little bright.

The couple were visiting Cambridge, a small town named after Prince George, a cousin to Queen Victoria. During this visit, they met with a lady who presented them with a hand-knitted shawl for their son, Prince George. The shawl was designed by Margaret Stove who presented Prince William with one when he was a baby visiting with his parents over three decades ago.

Next on the list of Kate’s wardrobe was a fantastic outfit by Luisa Spagnoli, the Italian designer. Kate played cricket in the fantastic dress and wowed crowds with her innings. Kate looked positively radiant and as far we know, William managed to keep his comments to himself on this outfit.  The scarlet skirt-suit looked wonderful and was set off with a black belt and large black buttons on the little box jacket. The visit to Christchurch was a roaring success as the couple were greeted by eager Royal watchers. Kate was given bouquets by children in the crowd and one bouquet was made of balloons. The game of cricket went down a storm and both William and Kate showed excellent skills at batting and bowling. They also opened officially, The Christchurch visitors centre.

Seemingly Kate’s outfit this time was accepted by her husband, but she did not come away unscathed as an 11-year old girl claimed “It was not a realistic outfit” Do we have a possible new upcoming designer in this little girl who has not appeared daunted that she has openly given her thoughts on Kate’s outfit. Kate remained impartial as always.

Kate and William have hearts the size of the sky and do immense work for children’s charities. It was therefore clear to see the delight on their faces when they were met with five, yes five sets of twins. The mothers of the five sets of twins all met at a birthing club.

Today (Tuesday) is a rest day for the Royal couple as they spend the day with their son before preparing to fly to Sydney, Australia.

Finally, Kate, we commend you for being able to play cricket in three-inch heels. There’s not many who could do that. That is one for you to keep for the next time when your husband tells you, your outfit is too bright….


See you in Sydney, Australia for more news on the Royal Tour 2014.